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I've been on Seroquel for about 6 weeks now. So far I've noticed no side effects, a bit blurred vision, but, I think that comes from not wearing my glasses while I am using the PC, as I am supposed to be. It's worked amazingly well with my ups and downs (I'm Bi-Polar with Social Anxiety, boarder line personality disorder, ADHD, OCD and Insomnia -from hell-) and believe it or not, this medication, out of all the bi-polar medications I have tired (including lithium, which, just left me as a vegetable and slept all the time) is actually seeming to work.

I was wondering if there might be some more people out there who take Seroquel and what your feed back/response to the medication is and what I might to expect on down the road as I continue taking it (I take 400mg at night before I go to sleep).

Any information or feedback is greatly appreciated.


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i take it for psychosis but it also works really well as an AD for me and its really given me my life back cos it allows me to sleep too. Im a horrible insomniac and i can go up to a week without any sleep which renders me totally useless and a gibbering wreck... seroquel is the only med ive tried that helps me sleep too.

only problem is im meant to take some during the day too and if i do this it knocks me out.

then again my max dose is 750mg which is pretty much an elephant dose.
I'm on 300mg at night, and I've been on Seroquel for quite a while. The only thing I can really think of is that it obviously puts me to sleep lol.. and I've learned the hard way that [for me] when it kicks in, I need to stay where I'm at lol.. I've had a few incidents of passing out because I was stupid and decided to walk around.. baaaad Dani, baaad lol
I looooove Seroquel. haha, okay, that may make me sound kind of weird. Anyway, it works wonders for me. My mood swings are practically nonexistent now.

Seroquel used to make me really tired (and still does at night), but I don't have that drowsy feeling in the morning that I used to have when I first started taking it.