Beautiful Disaster (inked_butterfly) wrote in psychhealth,
Beautiful Disaster

Hey guys

Hey guys.. sorry I haven't really been around.. school's consuming a lot of my time, and I'm mostly on MySpace anyways.

I don't remember what all has changed since I last posted, but here's the things I can think of: my family doctor is now prescribing my medication, which is a very big relief to me. As many of you know, I've been trying to get away from my pdoc for a little while, and now I finally have. Alot of you all are 'against' family doctors prescribing meds, but in this situation it's fine.. well, actually great. Speaking of meds, here's my current cocktail: Lamictal 200mg 3x a day, Adderall 20mg 2x a day or as needed, Seroquel 400mg at night, Paxil 60mg at night.. and finally after an appointment with my doctor and he realized how anxious I've been lately, I'm back on Xanax 1mg.. not necessarily 'regularly', but as needed, which is pretty much daily, it just varies on 1-2 times a day.

On the Gary front.. we're still really good friends. He was dating this girl that I really could not stand, and we just really got off on the wrong foot in the beginning.. now they've broken up because he doesn't want to 'be with one girl'.. so, on one hand it's a relief to me, but on the other it's not because there are still girl(s) involved, so eh.

One thing that has surprised me is that I haven't had many 'freak out episodes' lately.. sure, I'll cry randomly, but it's nothing like it was before.

Oct 10 was my 20th birthday.. the only thing that upset me that day was that all I wanted for my bday was to spend the day with Gary and his daughter, which didn't happen. You could take away the presents, etc, and that would have made me more happy than anything.. but, that wasn't able to happen.. but, I spent about 3 days over at his new house, so that made up for it.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now.. talk to you all later..

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