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Generic Drugs

So, I've been taking the generic ambien (i take 20mg at night) and it's NOT WORKING. I don't feel drowzzie, at all, and I'm falling asleep on my own 2-3 hours after I've taken the medicine that in the non generic form knocks me out within 20 minutes. I was hoping the generic would work because it's $10 instead of $25on my co-pay, but, it looks like my next round I am going to have to do a comparison and see if the real deal works or if the generic is shit or if it's all in my head.

Anyone else experience this with this drug (Ambien) or any other generic drug?
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Hi there. I've got some recent experience with Ambien, and from what my doctor told me, he said that the effectiveness of it is short lived, even though you could still feel other effects. I stopped taking it after 5 doses, because the effectiveness wore off (although I had some side effects continue and undesired results). The generic vs. non-generic I was told was not the issue. Hope this helps. Maybe try other remedies.