Anise (anise) wrote in psychhealth,

Weight Gain

Has anyone experienced weight gain while taking

Cymbalta (60mg daily)
Seroquel (800mg at night)

Just curious. Perhaps my mood is elevated and the anxiety from the 2mg of Klonopin 3x's a day relaxes me enough that I feel better and feel like eating, I just don't want to gain any more weight (i've been on these dosages for 2 years and suddenly I gained 12lbs in the last 2 months....) I can counter act it with better eating (i eat very little, bread and juice for the most part and fresh fruit, but just nothing sound good) and some good cardio to shed these extra pounds.

But, I was curious if anyone else had experienced weight gain from either of these 2 medications.

Thanks for any info.

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