julz (dist0rted) wrote in psychhealth,

I have a question & I hope this is an appropriate place to ask it. :)
I work in a psychiatric hospital & am familiar with the Hipaa laws, but I'm unsure about something that has come up. My boyfriend was going to a public assistance psychiatric clinic for a year or two & quit going after he felt they couldn't help him any longer. He and I have since gotten into an argument:
He believes if he goes into another clinic they will be able to see his records or at least KNOW that he went to this other place. I on the other hand, having the Hipaa laws DRILLED into my head at work think otherwise. Isn't it true that without written consent from the patient a hospital or clinic can't get ANY information on their past treatments? More importantly, even know that they've GONE anywhere else? Because it's public assistance in both cases, would it be any different? Please help us end this argument! :)
Thanks in advance <3

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