gail (threesqueezes) wrote in psychhealth,

hi to those i know & those i don't,

i am writing a zine about sydney (or anywhere really) mental hospitals & the stupidity & shenanigans that come hand in hand with being a psychiatric patient. write about anything: crazies you have encountered, amusing situations, friendly/not so friendly staff, stilnox adventures - whatever you want really.

if you have anything you want to contribute, comment here or email me at - don't stress about whether what you have to say is good/funny enough, i'll be the judge of that. i've decided to do this as my project to make hospital more manageable over the next few weeks so whatever laughs you have are good to me. anything you write will be confidential (you & anyone else's names can be changed if you want) or you can be acknowledged as the contributer.

ps. for those of you that have heard it, please note that duck boy story is already taken.

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