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Women raped at Nashville mental hospital - silenced

Please share this story with everyone you know. Two different patients, both female, were sexually assaulted by a male patient at Skyline Medical Center: Madison campus. The hospital is for mental patients and is located on 500 Hospital Drive
Madison, TN 37115.

In both cases, the male patient entered the female patients' rooms and assaulted them.

In both cases, the female patient has filed a lawsuit against the hospital for the rapes. Skyline has denied any wrongdoing or attempts to cover up what happened to these women. They also refuse to apologize or offer any kind of compensation for the pain and suffering these women have gone through as a result of Skyline's negligence. Nursing staff are supposed to keep watch on all mental patients and patients are not supposed to enter the room of another patient. The doors to patient rooms are never supposed to be closed. The door was closed in both cases.

The first lawsuit is McCall Brister v HCA Health Services (The parent company of Skyline Medical Center)
Trial court 2010C86

The second lawsuit has not gone to trial yet. It is Jennifer Johnson v HCA Health Services
Civil Action No. 12C5163

In both cases, the male patients were not punished or arrested. No rape kits were performed. The female patients were not examined or tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

In the case of Jennifer Johnson, the female patient immediately reported her rape to nursing staff at Skyline Madison Campus. One nurse, Pamela Mitchell, R.N., told Ms. Johnson that they decided that it was not rape but was instead "nonconsensual sex". Her exact words. Pamela told Ms. Johnson that they had "taken cared of it" and that they "did not need to talk about it anymore." Ms. Johnson tried to discuss the rape with others but was instructed by the unit therapist, Debbie Waddell (Debbie.Waddell@ to stop talking about it. Debbie would repeat "we're not talking about that right now" when Ms. Johnson tried to discuss the rape.

These are not the only cases of female patients being raped in hospitals and having it covered up. But justice is rarely served and many of these women suffer not only from their rape but from being told to forget about it, to keep silent about it. And because they are mental patients they are more vulnerable to judgment and being taken advantage of.

Please help spread awareness of what happened to these women. Families send their loved ones to the Skyline Madison Campus in Nashville expecting the hospital staff to look after them. Not only does the staff fail to properly supervise the patients in order to prevent nonconsensual sexual contact, but when something goes wrong they sweep it under the rug and the patients suffer because of it.

Thank you.

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