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Mental Health Discussion

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This is a group for people with mental illness or their friends/family to talk about their experiences and problems. People can vent, offer advice, ask questions, etc. It's an open community, but please be supportive. Someone on the brink of suicide does not need your condescention and anyone who feels the need to criticize will be banned. If you are considering suicide or feel unusual, please contact your psychiatrist/psychologist/local hospital or someone in the mental health profession that can help you.

Any 'triggering' written material should be put behind a clearly marked cut as well to give people the choice of whether they want to handle it or not. 'Triggering' pictures should not be posted. If you want to post pictures of yourself or something else, then please use an lj-cut.

For your privacy, you may choose to post with a 'friends only' security level at any time: this will ensure that only other members will be able to view your post.
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